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A dead or decaying tree Stump can reduce the value of your property and also pose a health hazard.
Prompt removal may be necessary to protect your property.

Hiring a knowledgeable specialist for tree stump removal not only ensures that you preserve and enhance the appearance of your property, but is also a cost effective method for increasing its value. With extensive experience in stump removal, Big Beaver Stump Grinding offers services for complete removal on your residential or commercial property in the Westminster area.

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Qualified Professionals

Whatever your reasons; planning the removal of a tree from your property in the Westminster and surrounding areas can be a complex task, its best to be carried out by qualified professionals. The certified grinders at Big Beaver Stump Grinding are equipped with the proper gear, knowledge and experience to safe and effective tree and stump removal

Stump removal is a significant undertaking and not recommended as a do-it-yourself project.
Our certified team are available to assess your property and discuss all options. Regular maintenance on your property will ensure safety.

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